Delhi Police Crack Down on BS3 Petrol and BS4 Diesel Cars: Stricter Restrictions Imposed

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Delhi Traffic Police to continue crackdown on polluting vehicles

With Delhi’s air quality index remaining in the severe to very poor category, the Delhi Traffic Police is set to continue its stringent crackdown on polluting vehicles in the national capital. The Environment Minister of Delhi, Gopal Rai, recently met with government officials and agencies to discuss plans aimed at reducing pollution levels in the region. He has urged all agencies and departments to enforce strict curbs on polluting vehicles to help improve air quality in the coming days. The air quality index in Delhi remained around 400, with thick haze covering most parts of the city amid foggy conditions.

Implementation of Ban on BS3 Petrol and BS4 Diesel Cars

– Ban on BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel cars to continue in the national capital
– Vehicle owners found violating the rule will be fined ₹20,000
– Vehicles contribute to around 30 per cent of Delhi’s overall pollution level
Rai’s directive comes amidst the national capital remaining under stage three of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP).

Strict Enforcement of Ban on BS3 Petrol and BS4 Diesel Vehicles

Gopal Rai chaired a meeting with senior officials of various departments to review Delhi’s pollution. The transport department of the city and the Delhi Traffic Police have been instructed to strictly implement the ban on BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel vehicles. According to Rai, the reduced wind speed in Delhi has led to an increase in pollution. The minister expects the pollution level to remain hazardous over the weekend. However, forecasts predicting showers in Delhi next week may lead to a slight reduction in pollution levels.

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The Delhi government has not discussed introducing the Odd-Even rule, providing a brief relief. Earlier, the state government had planned to implement the vehicle rationing system, but it postponed the plans after the Supreme Court downplayed the move’s potential impact on pollution levels.


The ongoing crackdown on polluting vehicles in Delhi reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the severe air pollution issue in the national capital. Strict enforcement of the ban on BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel vehicles, along with future initiatives, will be crucial in improving the air quality in Delhi.

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